Africa’s Space Landscape

Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, Morocco & South Africa all have a national Space Agency!

The African Union Working Group Space has agreed on a draft African Space Policy and a framework for developing a draft Space Strategy. These documents will be considered by the Ministers in charge of space matters in the continent and recommend them for adoption by the AU relevant policy organs.

Egypt, Nigeria & South Africa have all launched and operated satellites.

At Mars 2005, 45 African countries out of the total of 54 countries had signed the RASCOM Convention.

Nine Countries in Africa are involved in the Square Kilometer Array. Thousands of SKA antenna dishes will be built in South Africa (in the Karoo, not far from Carnarvon), with outstations in other parts of South Africa, as well as in eight African partner countries, namely Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia. Another part of the telescope, the low-frequency array, plus more dishes, will be built in Western Australia.

At the 2010 launch of the African Physical Society in Dakar a number of astronomers from throughout the continent and the African diaspora resolved to form the African Astronomical Society in much the same manner as the African Physical Society was being formed. Following this meeting Pius Okeke wrote a whitepaper on the formation and the structure of the African Astronomical Society that was widely dissiminated amongst African astronomers.

In addition there has been a marked growth of private Space companies across the continent.

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