Research Opportunity: Photonics & Space in Latvia

University of Latvia – Fotonika

Research opportunity for up to 3 months in Riga, Latvia. Open to all nationalities.

The Foundation for Space Development has been informed that there are available slots for researchers involved in photonics and space related research to work in Riga for up to 3 months in 2015.

The work would have to conclude by June, 2015.  This would be within the framework of the EU Framework 7 project FOTONIKA-LV REGPOT 2011.

With the proper qualifications it can pay 3,000 EUR per month.  This is before taxes which are close to 40%.   Travel costs to Latvia would be covered.

There may also be an opportunity to work on the proposal for an International Lunar Decade

To apply We will need a CV including any publications.   PhD, possibly master’s level people with a passion for space development and tied into networks of people involved in space research or commercial space development would be perfect.   Office facilities would be available at the Riga Photonics Center.   The monthly compensation would have to cover housing and food costs.   Assistance will be available to find reasonable housing.

For more information & to apply visit: FOTONIKA 2015 Grant

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