Mission Concepts Guidelines & Proposal Template


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Proposal title, Principal Investigator and Team details

Proposal title:
Principal Investigator:



(Repeat as many times as necessary.)

Executive Summary (max 2 pages)

Mission concept (max 10 pages)
This section should provide a general description of the overall mission concept, touching on the relevant aspects of the mission. The information provided should be comprehensive enough to allow readers to assess the alignment of the proposal with Africa2Moon’s stated objectives.

Scientific justification (max 5 pages)
This section should address the scientific rationale for the proposed scientific activities and explain the contribution of this mission to the advancement of he scientific fields to be addressed. Potential synergies or complementarities with other missions and/or ground ground-based facilities should be highlighted. In writing this section, it should be assumed that the readers may be space scientists, but not necessarily experts in the specific scientific domains addressed by the proposal.

Mission profile (max 20 pages)
This section should provide a description of the proposed mission profile, including launch, orbits and trajectories and the general concept of mission operations. The following issues should be addressed:

How the scientific requirements translate into payload requirements and how these payloads may serve other aspects of the Africa2Moon mission;
Required mass, power, volume and data transfer resources;
Description of all mission phases;
Plans for conducting the scientific activity proposed (e.g. observation, sampling, measurement and other specific modes of operation;
End-of-life disposal strategy;
Calibration requirements (on ground and/or in flight);
Technology requirements (and maturity thereof);
Technical performance requirements;
Technology transfer issues that can already be identified;
Possible launch options;

Management and cooperation (max 10 pages)
This section should provide a description of the proposed management of the mission, and should specify clearly how the various African partner entities will contribute to the overall mission success. The following issues should be addressed:

Allocation of responsibilities of the various partners in a Team;
Science management plan;
Industrial participation plan;
Operations plan;
Outreach and education plan;
Data policy;
Regulatory considerations

Costing (max 2 pages)
While proposers are not required to provide detailed cost estimates, they should be able to establish a rough order-of-magnitude assessment of the mission cost. This should include the operational cost during the lifetime of the mission and outreach/education costs.

Annex A – Profiles of team members
Annex B – Lists of references (optional)
Annex C – Letters of endorsement (optional)

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