1. Q Why are you doing this
    A Our Prime Directives are: Inspire | Educate | Do Science. See: Why go to the moon

  2. Q Who is involved
    A A diverse array of people, institutions and non-governmental organizations See: Who we are

  3. Q Why are no governments directly involved
    A Our mission is purely for Science & Education. We have no nationalistic agendas.
    There are 54 countries in Africa and we are Scientists and Engineers.
    We are not naive to the fact that there must be government participation in order to maximize the inspirational & educational benefits of the mission and we expect we will engage with governments through the appropriate channels, in the appropriate way and at the appropriate time.
    That is not to say that various government entities in various countries in Africa are not already aware of our activities.   

  4. Q Why are you crowd funding
    A The crowd funding campaign is more to expand the reach & awareness of our endeavor so that we can deliver on our first two Prime Directives (Inspire & Educate) even now, in Phase I of the program.
    Traditionally this feasibility phase is done "in camera" and at a much lower expense than the later phases of a mission program.  
    We want to open it up to the people (and especially the youth) of Africa from the off-set. The more funding we raise the more Outreach and Participation we will be able to facilitate across the continent.
  5. Q What is #GivingTuesday
    A #GivingTuesday is a UN Foundation initiative to promote consumer philanthropy.
    It takes place on the 2nd December this year and the Foundation for Space Development is a registered partner.
    Read more on #GivingTuesday

  6. Q How can I support your Giving Tuesday Campaign
    A You can become a #GivingTuesday Social Media Ambassador & promote us online or you could host a regional fund-raising event for the mission for #GivingTuesday.
    Contact Us if you would like to do more!
  7. Q Is the mission program reliant on crowd funding
    A At this stage Phase I can continue with or without crowd funding. However, the more we have the more we can maximize the inspirationally and educationally motivational benefits of what we are doing.
    Once we start entering new Phases further funding will be essential to continue.
  8. Q When will you launch
    A A primary purpose of Phase I is to propose a date that would be feasible to do so.
    So, at this stage, no promises!
  9. Q What are the scientific objectives of the program
    A Again this is a primary purpose of Phase I but we are always happy for ideas of what we can do that would be a contribution to humankind's understanding of Space and the Moon. Feel free to make suggestions! 
  10. Q I’m an educator, how can I involve my students in this
    A That would be great! Contact us to see what we can do, together.
  11. Q I’m a Scientist/Engineer. How can I participate
    A We would love to find a place for you! Have a look at our VOLUNTEER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING PANEL
  12. Q I’m in media. How do I get more information or arrange an interview
    A If you send us a message through the Contact page we will get right on it for you.

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