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100,000 Stars – 3D Interactive Visualization

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 12.27.11 PM
Optical View

100,000 Stars is an interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood created for the Google Chrome web browser. It shows the location of 119,617 nearby stars derived from multiple sources, including the 1989 Hipparcos mission. Zooming in reveals 87 individually identified stars and our solar system. The galaxy view is an artist’s rendition based on NGC 1232, a spiral galaxy like the Milky Way.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 12.28.26 PM
Thermal View

It is an incredible 3-D Visualization that will keep you rooted in from of your screen all day if you are not careful!

We suggest taking the automated tour on your first visit. Kudos and thank you to all involved in this amazing project, we hope you keep it going!

VISIT THE 100,000 Stars Experiment at stars.chromeexperiments.com/

(from their site)
Warning: Scientific accuracy is not guaranteed. Please do not use this visualization for interstellar navigation.

Programmed by some space enthusiasts at Google.Music by Sam Hulick, whose work you may have heard in the video game, Mass Effect. The track is titled “In a Strange Land” and is used with his permission.
Galaxy images provided by Wikipedia and ESO/IDA/Danish 1.5m/R.Gendler and A. Hornstrup.
Star renderings derived from Wikipedia
Sun images courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.
Star data provided by:HYG Database, by Astronomy Nexus
Gliese/Jahreiß Catalog, by Dr. Wilhelm Gliese and Dr. Hartmut Jahreiss
Bright Star Catalog (5th edition), by Dr. E. Dorrit Hoffleit and Dr. Wayne H. Warren Jr, and the Department of Astronomy at Yale University
HIPPARCOS Catalog (3rd Edition) by the European Space Agency