Program Ambassadors

In order for the Africa2Moon program to be successful; to make a meaningful & significant contribution to the international scientific community; & to attract the foremost scientist and engineers to the program in order to assist, train and transfer knowledge, it is essential to form and nurture relationships with individuals and organizations across the globe.

The following exceptional and distinguished individuals have been kind enough to not only volunteer their time to the Africa2Moon program but to also represent the program in their own communities as Official Africa2Moon Ambassadors.

Meet our Ambassadors:


Yann Aman
Professor Yann Aman

Prof. Yann Aman is a native of Abidjan, Ivory Coast (West Africa). In 12/2013, he was awarded a 2-year Fellowship of Young International Scientists, granted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences –The World Academy of Sciences (CAS-TWAS).

He is currently a researcher in the Nano Department at the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology Engineering (NIMTE, CAS China).

After scientific studies in high school in Ivory Coast, Yann Aman moved to France where he obtained a MSc. in Materials Sciences and Engineering from the Institute of Advanced Ceramics (ENSCI , Limoges 2007), followed by a PhD. in Materials Science and Engineering at University of Lyon, Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA, Lyon 2010).

Before moving to China, he was successively a postdoctoral researcher at the laboratory LEPMI (Electrochemistry, Physicochemistry, Materials Interfaces, University of Grenoble), followed by a postdoctoral position at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA Saclay).

Since 2013, he also holds a position of assistant professor at the University Felix Houphouet Boigny (Abidjan). His research activities are mainly related to physics and chemistry of materials and interfaces, in particular the integration of advanced functional and structural ceramics.


Professor Olufisayo Jejelowo
Professor Olufisayo Jejelowo

Olufisayo Jejelowo, PhD, was Professor and former Chair of Biology Department at Texas State University and Director of the NASA University Research Center for Bionanotechnology and Environmental Research (CBER).

She earned her PhD in Microbiology and Plant Pathology from the University of Manchester in England.

She has extensive international research experience in Microbiology and Life Sciences spanning over 33 years in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Canada, and the U.S. respectively.

Currently, she serves as Director and Chief Research Officer at Global Progressive Network. She served as Chief Research Officer for the NASA Science and Technology Institute, for minority Institutions, from October 2006 through June 2008.

She received training in Biodeterioration and Biodegradation at the Commonwealth Mycological Institute in England. She has extensive leadership development training as NASA NAFP, NASA ASEE, NASA NAFEO academy Fellow plus 24 years of experience with NASA related research and student development efforts.

As a NASA Fellow she worked at Johnson Space Center and Ames Research Center to apply Nanotechnology to microbiological problems in confined environments.


Professor Rene Laufer
Professor Rene Laufer

Prof. Laufer is an Associate Research Professor and Head of CASPER Space Science Lab, Baylor University, Texas, USA as well as with the Institute of Space Systems of the University of Stuttgart, Germany (as a visiting scientist and adjunct faculty).

He is appointed as an associate research professor heading CASPER’s Space Science Lab (SSL) and teaches astronomical, lunar and planetary exploration as well as systems engineering – as a visiting lecturer also at universities in Germany, France, Italy and the USA.

His research interests include small satellite technology and missions, in-situ and remote sensing instruments, future lunar and planetary exploration and utilization.

Rene Laufer is involved in small satellite related activities, projects as well as conferences and symposia and is one of the co-chairs of the Permanent Small Satellite Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) of which he is a member since 2009.

Until 2003 he worked almost ten years at German Aerospace Center (DLR) in planetary exploration, supporting various missions (Galileo, Mars Pathfinder, Deep Space 1, Cassini, Mars Express) in testing, analysis and operations, systems administration as well as education and public outreach.

Rene Laufer graduated (Dipl.-Ing.) in Aerospace Engineering at Technical University of Berlin, Germany and received his Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

He also was as a freelancer in event management, actively involved with the Berlin planetarium and observatory for more than ten years in lecturing and outreach.

Being an alumnus of the International Space University’s (ISU) Space Studies Program 2003 held in Strasbourg, he returns to ISU regularly since 2004 and chaired team projects and departments since 2006 in several countries.


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